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Every company or individual can tell you what they do for a living, right? Some might even be able to tell you how they do it. But very few can clearly say WHY they do what they do. Those are the truly successful; the ones that wake up each and every day with an unlimited amount of passion and purpose and live their life to the fullest.

Are you Motivational Speakers?

We prefer to impact and inspire as motivation is temporary and fleeting, whereas INSPIRATION can last a lifetime. So, would you rather be motivated or inspired?

How are your seminars different than all the others I’ve been to or heard about?

We actually do not give seminars, we give 'Showminars'. All of our events are highly interactive, engaging and FUN! No long and boring PowerPoint presentations here. Our Showminars are UNCOMMON, memorable and impactful with guaranteed results.

What results can I expect from your programs?

The results will vary depending on which of the many EMC programs you attend and are too many to detail here. However with all of our programs, you will get an internal checkup and understand who you really are and where you really want to go. You WILL feel great about yourself and the direction you are headed. You will discover your true passion and purpose in life and have a personalized guide (LAB Report™) on how to achieve Ultimate success, happiness and fulfillment in ALL Areas of your Life

I’ve paid for other coaching programs, but I really didn’t see any long term results, how are you different?

This is what separates and makes us truly UNCOMMON. In all of our programs we hold each and every person accountable for getting the results they want and deserve. With our online Accountability Sheets™, all of our clients choose their CORE 4 Areas of Life that are important to them, create daily Action Steps, and schedule them in your Accountability Calendar. We fully realize our clients invested their hard earned dollars and time with us. We take this very seriously as it is our passion and our Worthy Ideal to ensure their success.

I already have (or had) a Life Coach, why do I need you?

First if you have or had a Life Coach, congratulations for investing in your Personal Development. However at Empowered Mastery, we go above and beyond what a Life Coach can do. We have a team of Masters that specialize in specific areas. PLUS we have developed powerful and proven UNCOMMON trademarked Signature Programs that guarantee results in ALL areas of your Life.

Who are you and why should I take the time and/or money to attend an EMC Event?

We are not speakers who lecture, brag about their successes and are afraid to talk about their failures. We are quite simply just like you. Each of us has overcome severe obstacles and challenges. We have experienced failure, hardships and pain. We live and breathe empowerment through our own Worthy Ideal and so will you. Our passion is to give back and to inspire people to reach new levels of success in ALL Areas of their Lives. We've done this for thousands of people across the country, so we know we can do so for you.

Why Are You Different?

We are 6th degree Master Martial Artists, Spiritual leaders and successful entrepreneurs. We believe Health & Vitality is a LIFESTYLE, not a diet or exercise program that you go on and off of. It is our passion, our Worthy Ideal and our Life’s Purpose to give back. It is simply said in our tag line; Your Life, Our Passion, One Purpose.

For more information, please email us at info@empoweredmastery.com or call us at 914-488-5881.

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