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These four entrepreneurs brought their unique talents, abilities and successful business experiences together for the common vision of inspiring and impacting professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve ultimate success; Professionally, Personally, Spiritually and Physically, so they can live a life full of passion and purpose.

They have since added valuable members to their team who share the same vision and Worthy Ideal.

Empowered Mastery's Worthy Ideal:

To inspire and impact professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve ULTIMATE success Personally, Professionally, Spiritually and Physically so they can live a life of passion and purpose.

Our Failures and Successes

Each of us has overcome severe obstacles and challenges. We have experienced tragedy, failure and hardships, including the loss of a child, growing up without a parent, losing parents through debilitating diseases, being on welfare, divorce and being fired.

We know what it's like to fail, to hurt and to be in pain. Without consciously knowing, each of us early in life has used some of the methods in our TRANSFORMATION Doctrine™ to overcome severe obstacles and challenges to succeed in all areas of our lives. Each of us has used our entrepreneurial spirit to own and operate successful businesses.

Our life experiences, both good and bad, have given us the unique ability to understand the challenges and obstacles our clients face and help them overcome them. Each and every day we live through our Worthy Ideal and Life's Purpose and help others discover and live through theirs.

Empowered Mastery's Purpose:

To be the best leaders, teachers and coaches we can be for our family, friends and clients. We will do this by incorporating EMC's principals and philosophies into all aspects of our lives. Everything we do each and every day is geared towards working together with you for this one purpose.

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