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OFFIR KILION Creative Director

Offir Kilion developed his craft while working for over twelve years in a high-pressured, fast-moving NYC graphic communications firm. In 2010, with the encouragement and guidance of Master Chris Berlow, Offir and his wife opened a graphic communications firm of their own, New York Photocraft.

New York Photocraft has since expanded to provide start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses high quality graphic design, photography and videography. Please feel free to take a look at some of the work Offir Kilion has done: New York Photocraft.

Much of what you see in the Empowered Mastery website was designed by New York Photocraft.

Working with Empowered Mastery presents unique and rewarding experiences to NY Photocraft. The EMC philosophy of being UNCOMMON along with NY Photocraft's vision of offering designs that are unique and creative, result in a strong working partnership.

Offir is also a principal of Once Upon A Life Books, a custom heirloom biography company.