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Chris Berlow


.....with a love for martial arts and living a healthy lifestyle, Chris had come to the realization that teaching in his Martial Art School, local schools and organizations only allow him to impact a limited amount of people.

Through Empowered Mastery, he is now able to impact individuals on a much broader scale from many diverse backgrounds. Through the discipline and values of Martial Arts, Chris is able to bring a unique and uncommon perspective as to how to inspire people to life a healthy and fulfilling life.

Chris says: "I can honestly say that working with Paul, Rick, and Nick, I never have to work a day in my life. I get to play and have fun each day every day."


  • At 13, Chris started training in Taekwondo
  • A five-time New York State Champion, two-time Junior National Champion and National Bronze Medalist
  • In 1999, along with his wife Kathy, opened up their Taekwondo School
  • In 2002, partnered with Paul and two others to form United Martial Art Centers
  • In 2003 Untied Martial Art Centers was the #1 affiliated professional Martial Arts organization and won the "School of the Year" award.

Favorite Quote

"Do or do not, there is no try!" ~Yoda