The Seminar Expert

Empowering You to Be a Master Presenter

Do you know how most professionals think they are fully prepared to give a great presentation then wonder why their audience is half asleep and can't wait to leave?

Our Seminar Expert Signature program will show entrepreneurs how to create an unforgettable and memorable showminar experience whereby their

  • Ideal Clients are not only excited to attend but can't wait to meet with them personally, resulting in more appointments and more sales.
  • Team, staff or peers leave inspired and energized resulting in increased productivity and a boost in morale
  • Managers, or bosses are so impressed you become their go to person

Have you ever been to one of those boring presentations where:

  • It's just one Power Point slide after the other with no end in sight?
  • The speaker is like one of those college professors who just stands behind a podium and lectures in words you can't even understand let alone have any interest in?
  • You are so bored out of your mind and wish you could sneak out a back door?
Seminar Expert

In EMC's The Seminar Expert Coaching Program you will learn how to:

  1. Overcome the most common mistakes all presenters make that just bores the heck out of your audience
  2. Instantly connect with your attendees
  3. Apply all the necessary steps you need to take from the very first email invite to the thank you email after they attend
  4. Develop a kick butt presentation from your opening, to your close and everything in between
  5. Prepare for the unexpected, which is something every speaker faces many times
  6. Create, outline and rehearse your showminar
  7. Inspire your audience to participate and be an integral part of your ‘Performance'
  8. Impact your audience and get appointments right on the spot
  9. Make your showminar, exciting, fun and memorable
  10. LOVE speaking and have FUN doing it

Whether you are a nervous fearful beginner or a seasoned veteran, Empowered Mastery's "The Seminar Expert" is a must do for all!