Why are most salespeople mediocre?
Why are salespeople stressed and unfulfilled?
Why do 7 out of 10 salespeople fail within the first three years?
Because they lack:

Power Sales

Confidence, Passion & Purpose

When companies train their sales teams they focus on the product or service they are selling. If the salesperson doesn’t have confidence, passion and purpose all that product training won’t help at all. It’s a waste of time.

EMC’s POWER sales program is unique and uncommon. We get salespeople to the next level! We challenge them, we hold them accountable and we provide them the tools they really need to be successful. But it’s not for everyone

POWER sales IS for the salesperson who: POWER Sales is NOT for the salesperson who:
Loves what they do Is in it just for the money
Cares about their clients Acts in their own best interest, rather than their clients
Acts in the best interest of their client Just wants to make a sale
Has a burning desire to succeed Treats their business as a job
Invests in their business Doesn’t want to do what it takes
Wants to be fulfilled Has no work ethic
Is willing to do whatever it takes Is lazy
Power Sales

Program Highlights

  • Attain a superior level of confidence
  • Learn how to discover or rediscover your true passion and purpose
  • Instantly develop rapport with any client, anywhere, anytime
  • Shorten the time between first contact and sale
  • Create and implement a kick butt Sales Process
  • The best way ever to ask and get referrals
  • Have fun and be fulfilled

You tired of not reaching the level you expect and deserve? Frustrated riding that emotional roller coaster of one good month one bad month? Or do you want to be the BEST of the BEST?

Take a few minutes out of your day and email us at It very well could be the most important to minutes of your career.