Momentum Action Plan (MAP)

Personalized Roadmap to Success

Has there been a point in your professional career where you feel stagnated or stuck? Perhaps you haven’t reached that next level? Or you simply want to improve and be better?

Empowered Mastery’s Momentum Action Plan (MAP) Signature Program is geared towards executives and entrepreneurs who need to stay focused on achieving the results they want and deserve. Top performers in all industries work extremely hard and have a tremendous amount of stress both in and out of work. How they deal with that stress is paramount to their success.

If you are a high level executive or entrepreneurs you need and deserve a personal executive coach who will:

  • Hold you accountable
  • Challenge you to be better
  • Listen to you
  • Recognize you for their achievements
  • Accept you
  • Alleviate your stress
  • Inspire & Impact you to reach greater levels of success

EMC’s MAP Program is 6 months in duration in which our executive clients develop a targeted plan that they WILL implement. This plan will consist of

  • Finalizing all short term goals
  • Uncovering all obstacles and challenges that stand in the way
  • Discovering innovative solutions
  • Creating a step by step action plan
  • Being challenged and held accountable for reaching those goals


  • Significantly more productive with less stress
  • Immediate and marked improvement in all phases of your career
  • Increased level of passion, purpose and confidence
  • Become more organized and efficient
  • Work within your unique abilities and delegate the rest

For more information about our Momentum Action Plan or any other of our Signature programs please email us at

We promise to respond right away and we will be more than happy to speak with you.