Elite Premiere

The Gold Star Standard for Successful Professionals

Our ELITE PREMIER Signature program was created for the successful entrepreneur, business owner or executive who wants to break through to the next level.

Who is this program for? Are you:

  • Stagnated in your career and hit a wall?
  • Frustrated at not getting to the next level?
  • Simply striving to be better?

No matter what the reason, Empowered Mastery’s ELITE PREMIER Signature program will get you there. It is the only EMC program that has the following:

  • Full 12 months
  • All 4 principals take part
  • Flexibility to choose what area to work on and what principal to work with
  • Combines any and all EMC Signature programs

BONUS: Our ELITE PREMIER clients can attend any YHIP program, anytime, anywhere across the country for FREE

Take Advantage of EMC’s four principal owners’ Areas of Expertise

Elite Premier
Chris & Paul

As 6th degree Master Martial Artists and entrepreneurs they will work together with you to create a customized, comprehensive Health & Vitality regimen that lasts a lifetime while instilling focus, discipline and perseverance. More about: Chris Berlow · Paul Melella


One of the top and most respected salespeople in his industry will show you how to attract and penetrate your Ideal Client and close them through his ‘One Interview Close’; A must for any executive salesperson or manager. More about Nick Palumbo


A successful business owner and entrepreneur will instill confidence by inspiring and challenging you to develop a clear detailed plan and hold you accountable to follow through to its inevitable success. More about Rick Wollman

Our ELITE PREMIER is the Gold standard of all our Signature programs. It is for those who are or have a burning desire to be the Best of the Best!