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How We Began

As with most new companies, Empowered Mastery started with a thought, an innovative idea and a little fate and chance mixed in. Every innovative successful company has their unique story, here's ours. Unlike other entrepreneurial companies that might have started in a garage, Empowered Mastery started in a Martial Arts school.

Trained in the Marital Arts for most of his life, Paul Melella's Worthy Ideal and burning desire was not to just impact his students, but to positively impact and inspire "the masses". He spent almost 20 years pursuing his Worthy Ideal by traveling the world listening to as many Personal Development leaders as he could, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in his quest to learn.

Unbeknownst to Paul, one of his students, Nick Palumbo, a well-respected leader in the financial services industry, held a similar burning desire. Nick was also positively impacting his clients by providing them and their families with financial security. However, just like Paul, Nick wanted to reach and help more people.

Recruiting their closest friends

Even though Nick was Paul's student in the Martial Arts, Nick was Paul's mentor with Finances. Paul had this intuition that they both shared a common vision. Paul proceeded to talk with Nick about an opportunity to study under one of the leaders in Personal Development in Palm Beach, Florida; which coincidentally was only a few blocks down from one of Nick's homes. Hence the fruition of a vision; Empowered Mastery

What developed was more than a friendship. Paul recruited his lifelong friend and Martial Arts partner, Chris Berlow and Nick recruited his friend of 30 years, Rick Wollman, a successful entrepreneur and owner of several businesses. These four entrepreneurs formed Empowered Mastery.

They brought their unique talents, successful business experiences and a healthy and vital lifestyle together for one common vision; their Worthy Ideal to impact and inspire professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve ULTIMATE success personally, professionally, spiritually and physically so they can live a life full of passion and purpose.

How they do this is through their Life's Purpose. By being the best leaders, teachers and coaches they can be for their family, friends and clients. They will do this by incorporating all aspects of Empowered Mastery's principles and philosophies into all aspects of their daily lives. Everything they do each and every day is to work together with you to achieve this same purpose.

Their goal/what they do, is to continue to create innovative uncommon coaching programs for professionals and entrprenuers.

For more information, please email us at info@empoweredmastery.com or call us at 914-488-5881.

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