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Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed and stayed that way? Are you so consumed and stressed with work that you barely have time to see your family? Or are you so mentally drained and exhausted that you just want to eat and go to bed?

Is your cell phone attached to your hand?

If you're like most professionals there inevitably comes a time where your business controls you. You find yourself working harder and longer hours. For some it's the opposite, you work less because you simply lost your drive and your passion. Either way, you come to the realization, "Is this what my life is all about?"

Perhaps you attend a goal setting seminar or read a personal development book but nothing seems to stick. Why?

Lets answer some questions first:


Q: What happens if you take an acorn and put it on your desk at work?
A: Except for taking up space, nothing, right?

Q: What happens if you take that same acorn and put it on the street?
A: Again, nothing right?

Q: If you put it on grass?
A: Perhaps it might grow.

Q: But what if you planted that acorn in a park or a forest with trees?
A: It will grow into an oak tree, right?
  Why? Because the acorn was put in the right environment to grow

As humans we were meant to be outdoors, breathing fresh air in nature. That is our natural environment. That is how we grow. When we are stuck in our office all day, then get into our car to drive home, eat and sleep, how much are we really growing? Worse yet how much exercise do we get? Do you know the average person walks just one mile a week?

Why our Retreats are UNCOMMON

First, our retreats are outdoors in nature where we were meant to be. It is in the beautiful scenic mountains of upstate NY (or to our clients in Western NY, it's 'downstate NY').

Next, during our retreats there are no distractions, no TV's, computers, cell phones (yes we do give you time to check in with the outside world), no room service, hotel beds or snack/beverage or coffee machines. We hire an organic chef to cook fresh healthy foods and there is plenty of bottled water.

We do this not to torture you or make you feel uncomfortable, but rather to prove to you that spending a few days in a natural environment is healthy and you can grow and you WILL have breakthroughs that will positively impact your life.

Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, the biggest reason why our retreats are UNCOMMON is us. Our clients know we are not saying this because we are egocentric. We are saying it because it is true. Chris and Paul bring a Martial Art way of life to our retreats and they are world traveled mediation and spiritual leaders. This combination of their experiences and knowledge is unparallel.

They have taken what they have learned and incorporated into their daily lives and transformed it into a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Anyone, no matter what their age or status, will come away with a refreshing new perspective and a step- by- step process they can easily implement to live a healthy and vital life.

Our retreats, simply put, are like no other. They are UNCOMMON!

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